Pros And Cons Of Condo Living

Thinking of getting your own condo? Weigh the pros and cons of condo living before you seal the deal. Pros. Tight security – Condo buildings have several layers of security in the form of CCTV, gated entries, doormen, and guards. Since people live nearby, you’ll always have someone to turn to for help if there’s an emergency.

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Amenities: The amenities are one of the benefits of living in a condo highrise. Typically, these can range from swimming pool, spa, sauna,concierge, exercise facilties, wine storage, roof-top club house, meeting room, card room, valet, etc. These luxuries you generally won’t find in a home.

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Like all accommodations, condos have advantages and disadvantages. Find out if condo living fits with your lifestyle, personality and financial.

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8 Pros and Cons of Condo Living 1. Security. Living in a condo means living at the place with locked entries, doormen, 2. Amenities. Condos usually offer some common residents amenities, such as a fitness center, pool, 3. Maintenance. This is one of the biggest benefits, especially for busy.

Condo vs. house: There are many reasons people choose one over the other – but which is right for you? My wife, Ana, and I have owned and lived in seven houses and two condos in 15 years, and there were pros and cons at each. A few years ago, we owned a condo in Naples, Florida.

The Pros and Cons of Condo Living. If you’re toying with the idea of condo living, here are some benefits – and drawbacks – to factor into your decision-making process.

A condo offers some similar aspects of apartment living. For instance, many condos are adjacent to others, so owners often share a wall and live in close proximity. And if you live in a high-rise building, your condo may be located above or below someone else’s home.

Choosing your home is a big decision, so you should be sure to weigh the pros and cons before committing to anything. Pros of Condo living security. community living is, by nature, more secure than living by yourself. Neighbors will be around to watch out for you and there will always be a door to [.]

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